• Meredith

Anna & Trent: North Shore Rocky Beach Engagement on St. Croix - Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

Anna and Trent are two of my best friends on St. Croix. Anna and I actually met through Instagram, which feels so funny to say but it's a pretty common thing here on the island since it's such a small community! For some reason, it feels totally normal to message a random person and meet up at the beach and now we're friends forever! Social media is just the craziest thing.

Anyway, Trent's family was on St. Croix visiting and they wanted to take the opportunity to shoot some family photos while everyone was in the same place. Anna and Trent were living at Cane Bay in the most beautiful house at the time, so we chose to keep things easy and shoot the family photos at the beach right down the street from there house. Anna and Trent had just gotten engaged (I took photos of the proprosal - check them out here!), so after the family photos were done we stuck around for some cute engagement shots.

We grabbed some more shots at Cane Bay, then we drove a little ways down the North Shore to a secret little staircase. This is one of my favorite spots on St. Croix! Anna and I went scuba diving out in front of this staircase a few months before the session and we talked about how cool it would be to incorporate this spot into a photoshoot someday. We made it happen for their engagement photos and I meannnn - North Shore views on views.

For the second half of the shoot, Anna did a quick outfit change and it totally mixed up the feel of the photos. I cannot recommend bringing two outfits more than enough! Selecting what to wear for your engagement session can be so challenging, but you can't go wrong with neutral colors and soft, muted tones. We hit up a third location on the way back to their house. This North Shore road is one of my favorites roadside views and it's always a fun way to end a session.

And now the wedding countdown is on! I can't wait for them to tie the knot and make it official in Milwaukee in 2020!