• Meredith

Barbie & Tom: Intimate and Romantic St. Croix Beach Elopement - Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

Barbie & Tom’s elopement was the most loving, heartfelt day I’ve been a part of in a while. They kept it so simple and so true to themselves. The ceremony took place in the backyard of their Airbnb on the South Shore of the island (take a peek that here, book it, and then email me to set up a shoot there because wowwww).

Barbie & Tom had a pastor from a Frederiksted church perform the elopement ceremony and he was so sweet and heartfelt. The Airbnb hosts served as the witnesses and even helped Barbie and Tom record the ceremony on Facebook Live for their family and friends! Barbie & Tom are both in bands and met through music. It was love at first song for Barbie and when Tom serenaded her with an original song on guitar after the ceremony, it just really brought things full circle.

After they made it official with a kiss, a song and some signatures, we walked down to the property’s private beach and danced around the sand as the sun sunk below the hillside. Since this beach is private access only, I had NO idea that it even existed and was so so stoked to see it for the first time. They mentioned a beach but I didn't know what to expect. When we walked down the handmade wooden steps to see that cliffside and gorgeous cliffside, my jaw literally dropped.

Surrounded by their first dance footsteps and all swept up in that “just eloped” giggley goodness - these photos bring me right back to these moments. I’m still not over the joy that was pouring out of Barbie + Tom on their wedding day. Days like this are a good reminder of what wedding days are all about. Stripped down to basics - down to only what’s important and what lasts in the end. Just the two of you up against the world. Happy scrolling my friends.