• Meredith

Emma & Blake: Rainy & Romantic Tropical Storm Proposal - St. Croix, USVI Wedding Photographer

Part 1 of 2

Emma & I have been friends for over two years and I honestly don't know what I would do without her on the island! We met after seeing each other at gym classes three days in a row and we were finally like ok, we keep running into each other and I feel like we should be friends. So now over two years later, we've gone on countless adventures together, shared tons of late nights and tasty meals, two off-island vacations, checked off some big life moments, and are still meeting up with each other at gym classes (shoutout to 340 Crossfit!).

Emma & Blake have been dating long-distance during her time on St. Croix. When he reached out to me and said he was coming to visit and wanted to propose to Emma, I was STOKED. And couldn't wait to be there to capture the moment and help with the logistics.

So all of our friends sprung into action with an epic proposal idea and a surprise dinner party afterward. We were a few days out from the perfect plan when bad weather reports started rolling in. It's hurricane season on St. Croix and looked like a tropical storm was heading our way on the exact day Blake arrived and planned to propose.

But we didn't let that rain on our parade and I managed to convince Emma and Blake to come over to my house for a drink and just a few photos at the beach near my house. It all came together last minute, Blake dropped down to his knee, Emma said YES, we popped champagne, and it couldn't have been more perfect!

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