• Meredith

Fun & Tropical Couples Session on the Beach at Scrub Island Resort in British Virgin Islands

Island hopping is the bestttt. I took a seaplane + taxi + ferry + taxi + another ferry to get from St. Croix over to Scrub Island Beach Resort in the British Islands for a sweet anniversary session with Amber & Brian (blog post from that shoot to come!). I'm so thankful for the opportunity and I can't wait to make it back to Scrub Island - scroll down to the very last picture if you need any reasons why.

Anyway, while I was hanging out at the hotel, I saw this super cute couple taking selfies by the pool. I had some time to kill before my sunset shoot so I introduced myself and said "heyyy I'm a wedding and engagement photographer, want to take some photos?" Their names were Calli and Jay and they were kickin' it with some friends on vacation. This shoot was so out of my comfort zone for two reasons - it was super bright outside still so we were shooting in direct sunlight and because I had to go up to two total strangers. But I'm so glad I took the risk and worked up the courage to ask them. It was a quick and easy shoot and 10 or 15 minutes later and we got some serious gold. More beachy bathing suit couples sessions please and thank you.

This is one of my goals for this year. Going out of my comfort zone more. Trying new things, new locations, different shooting times. Planning styled shoots. And walking up to random couples that I run into and asking if I can take photos of them. It's so important to keep the creative juices flowing and to work without any pressure. If the new ideas work, then awesome! If not, well, I still learned something along the way. It's all a process and I'm so happy to be finding my way.

Big big thanks to Calli and Jay for saying "yes" to a random girl with a camera - y’all are the bee’s knees!

Calli's Instagram: @calliraexo

Calli's Artwork: @artbycallirae