• Meredith

Katie & Chad: Hiking Couples Session on the Beach in St. Croix - Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

Chad was here on St. Croix working at the refinery and Katie reached out to me to book a couples session while she was on the island visiting him. Chad and Katie live in Asheville (one of my favorite North Carolina towns) and are always hiking in the mountains with their pup, so I thought Isaac and Jack's Bay would be the perfect location for their session!

Isaac and Jack's Bay is an easy hike that goes down to a few beaches. You can make it as long or as short as you want, and we decided to hike about 15 or 20 minutes down to the second beach with a nice wooden staircase down the cliff. This is one of my favorite places to shoot because it offers so many different options - cactuses, tall green grass, rolling hills, cliffside overlooks, and white sand beaches with blue water. It also varies a lot depending on what time of year you go - dry or wet season. We went at the end of November, so the grass was green and really tall. If you go in the spring time, the grass is usually more brown. Both super cool - just different vibes!

So - we met out at Point Udall and then made our way down to the beach together, stopping for photos along the way. Alex and I used to visit Asheville for weekend trips all of the time when we lived in Charlotte, so it was so nice catching up with them about what's happening in the town - connecting on all of our favorite restaurants, concert venues, hikes and more. We played some music and ran around the beach as the sun set behind the hillside. Katie & Chad both brought two different outfits and I always, always offer or recommend that. It's just a nice way to get more out of your session and to have more variety to choose from. I love the neutrals colors they chose and the flowy, textured fabric. Outfits make such an impact in how your photos turn out and they totally nailed it. I'm working on a "What to Wear to Your Engagement Session Guide" for my couples soon and can't wait to share it!

Check out the photos from their session below. I had so much fun hanging with them and am now cravinggg and Asheville trip soon!