• Meredith

Kristi & William: Tropical Beach Maternity & Couples Session - St. Croix Wedding Photographer

I was so stoked when Kristi reached out to me to take some maternity photos of her and William! When she first emailed me, she said she wanted to “capture this season of life”. The ups and the downs, the joy and the pain, the excitement and little bit of nervousness - it all comes hand in hand. It’s so cool to capture those feelings and freeze the moment in time.

Kristi and William both grew up on St. Croix but are based in Alabama right now. They came down to visit the island for the holidays and it was such a joy to shoot their love before two turns into three. Kristi wore her mom’s wedding dress for some of the photos, making them just a little bit more special.

I hope they will always cherish these photos. I hope they find their way into some old scrapbooks that their little babe can flip through years and years down the road. And I hope they have the happiest little family of three soon!