• Meredith

Quarantine Nights: Couples Shoot on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands - Caribbean Wedding Photographer

Ahhh living in the time of COVID-19 - where quarantine, social distancing, non-essentialism, and working from home have become the "new normal". It's been a wild and crazy year, my friends. 2020 was going to be a HUGE year for my business. I had tons of weddings and elopements planning for the spring, summer and fall. But as with most things lately, plans have been postponed, things have changed and we're all learning to adapt. After spending the first few weeks in disbelief, then freaking out a little bit, and then emailing and rescheduling like a madwoman - I was in desperate need of a fun, creative outlet with absolutely zero expectations.

That's where my friends came in. It was our first night out of the house in a while and Kerissa, Nick, Alex and I drove out to the very East End of the island in their spiffy little Jeep. I wanted to try out some fun ideas shooting in the pitch black and I'm freakin' excited about how these turned out! Once elopements and weddings kick back into gear, I can't wait to use my flash for some fun reception and party portraits.

Shout out to Kerissa and Nick for always being down to test out my weird ideas - even if it’s at 10:30pm. Not pictured: Alex - my always supportive and entertaining husband who also happens to be the best bubble machine man around. Scroll down to check different camera and flash settings that created totally different images. Which style is your favorite?