• Meredith

Tracy & Mike: Scuba Diving Wedding on Cane Bay Beach in St. Croix - Virgin Islands Photographer

Tracy and Mike live on St. Croix and are both scuba dive masters at Sweet Bottom Dive Center at Cane Bay Beach on the North Shore. Diving is such a big part of their lives together and they wanted to make sure to incorporate it into their wedding day. When Tracy told me this during our initial phone conversation, I was soo stoked! I've been scuba diving for the last 5 years and loved the idea.

They decided to do a morning ceremony, followed by a huge group dive off the wall at Cane Bay - one of my favorite dive spots on the island - then have lunch and a beach party at Leatherback Landing. Before the ceremony, they got ready at the most beautiful vacation villa down the street called The Breakers. Tracy had the top floor and Mike had the bottom. It was the perfect set up for them and their family to be in the same place, but also not see each other until the ceremony.

But guys, it rained hardddd for most of the morning. During the getting ready photos it stopped for a while and the sun came back out. We thought we were in the clear! But as soon as we left the house and headed for the beach, the rain came back out again. Tracy and Mike and their guests didn't let this slow them down at all though. They laughed it off and chalked it up to the unpredictable island life that we've all become accustomed to. Captain Ed performed the ceremony and it was such a beautiful and intimate moment. Tracy's sweet kids had me tearing up the whole time!

After the ceremony, the 21 divers geared up and headed into the sea for Tracy and Mike's underwater "first dance". They had some friends with GoPros and camera housings capture this part of the day.

This wedding was such a cool experience and fit Tracy and Mike so perfectly. It goes to show that weddings and elopements don't need to fit in a mold or follow a specific formula. You can do whatever you want! Want to go scuba diving, or sky diving, or paddleboarding, or stay in your backyard, or eat ice cream, or hike up a mountaintop for your wedding day? Well, I say DO IT and I'll be right there with you to capture it all.