• Meredith

Yasha & Alex: Drake's Seat & Beach Engagement on St. Thomas - Virgin Islands Wedding Photographer

Yasha and Alex traveled all the way from California to St. Thomas for a little vacation. They reached out to me about setting up their engagement shoot and I was soo stoked to make the trip over to STT. I rented a car and picked them up from their rental in Sapphire Beach Resort and Marina. We drove from there to the Northside of the island and checked out the views of Magen's Bay and the surrounding islands. Northside is my favorite part of the island and it was so fun to be able to show it off to Yasha and Alex for the first time! Alex shot GoPro videos from the front seas as we winded around the hilltops and curves and I tried to share as much as I knew about St. Thomas!

We started out the shoot at Drake's Seat. This viewpoint is probably the most recognizable lookout on St. Thomas, with views of Magen's Bay, Peterborg Point, Inner and Outer Brass Island, Hans Lollik Island, and the British Virgin Islands. It can sometimes be a bit crowded with safari taxis carrying cruise ship tourists, but since we were there in the afternoon most of the cruise shippers had already left the island. We had Drake's Seat to ourselves and took some beautiful photos along the wall while the sun was still bright and showed off the bright green and blue waters.

After we finished up at Drake's Seat, we drove back down the hill to Peterborg Point. We picked Platform Beach for the second half of the shoot. Platform is one of my favorite beaches on St. Thomas - it's a hidden gem that one of my friend's recommended to me. It has the dreamiest staircase entrance, white sand, crystal clear water, interesting rock formations and island views - seriously the full package!

We danced around the beach, climbed on the rocks, popped some champagne, and then Yasha and Alex even hopped in the water for a bit. After taking a dip in the sea, they did a quick outfit change and we hiked back up the staircase to the road. Once we got there the soft sunset light was sooo pretty and we grabbed a few more shots alongside the beautiful greenery and flowers and more island views. I always look for opportunities to mix up the location and scenery in as many ways as possible. It adds so much variety to the photos and keeps things interesting throughout the session!

After the shoot, we decided we all wanted a drink and some food so we stopped by Sibs on the Mountain for some Leatherback Brewing Co. and appetizers. Sibs is such a cute spot on the hilltop of Northside - highly recommend if you're visiting St. Thomas!

Check out the photos below - these are some of my favorites that I've ever shot on St. Thomas!